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If you would like to be involved, your Michigan task force team is ready for you! Email the task force at mimusictherapytf@gmail.com to find out how YOU can get involved! Everyone has something to contribute!



Pictures from Hill Day – April 22, 2015, Lansing, MI 


Hill Day 2015 | Michigan Music Therapists

We will be holding Hill Day on Wednesday, April 22nd in Lansing from 9am-3pm. Generally, our State Representatives are available in the mornings, and our State Senators are available in the afternoons. From 3-3:30, we’ll wrap up the day, talk about the next steps, and fill out a survey regarding the day.

We will gather in the cafe area of the first floor of the Anderson House Office Building (124 North Capitol Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933). In preparation for Hill Day, we ask that you contact the office of your State Representative and Senator to set up a meeting time. Your representatives can be found one of three ways:

1. Visit house.michigan.gov – scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Find Your Representative”- enter your street address and click “find a Representative”
2. Visit senate.michigan.gov – under the heading “Find Your Senator”, click on one of the options

Once you have the names of your State Representative and Senator, simply contact their office via email or phone to set up an appointment for April 22. Once you have a time set up, send an email to mimusictherapytf@gmail.com so we can keep track of meetings. Meetings can be individual or in groups – if you know of other music therapists who have your same Representative, meet with your Representative together! If you would like a member of the Task Force to attend your meeting with you, please let us know that as well.

Generally, our State Representatives are available in the mornings, and our State Senators are available in the afternoons. You do not have to be at Hill Day for the entire 9-3 block – you can arrive, meet with your Representative and Senator, then depart.

We will have materials for you to provide to your Representative, Senator, or their staffers when you meet. Again, please let us know who you will be meeting with and when so we can have the appropriate number of packets prepared.

In the meantime, use this Music Therapy State Recognition Legislator Letter to get in contact with your Representatives and Senators! It can be sent or emailed to their office ahead of April 22.

Please let us know of any issues of misrepresentation, harm, or have any other questions. We are looking forward to kicking off this process with each of you!

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