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Frequently Asked Questions about Michigan Music Therapists Membership

What constitutes a membership year for Michigan Music Therapists (MMT)?
The membership year runs the calendar year of January through December.

What is the cost of dues for the membership year?

  • Professional $25
  • Retired Professional $20
  • New Professional $20
  • Associate $25
  • Patron (donation) $75
  • New Professional to MI $20
  • Student/Intern EMU/WMU $10

I am not sure if I am a member of Michigan Music Therapists.
Please contact Anna Roty, MMT Membership Chair, at to confirm.

What do my dues include and support?
Your dues to MMT support an electronic MMT newsletter, spring and fall conference opportunities, reduced prices at conferences, membership directory, members only access to the MMT website (, information on state and local issues relating to music therapy, and networking opportunities.

Who can be a member?
Music therapy students, professional music therapists, retired music therapists and other professionals interested in music therapy. All must be in good financial standing with MMT. Patron membership is also available for organizations, institutions and foundations.

There is a workshop coming up and I have not paid my dues. What should I do?
You are welcome to attend the workshop as a non-member. In order to receive the member rates, you must pay your dues for the calendar year. You will be able to do so at the workshop. Persons who pay membership dues after October 1 will be considered members from the date their dues are received through the end of the following calendar year. Members failing to pay dues by February 15 will forfeit all rights of membership.

The organizations of AMTA and CBMT also have dues. Are these due related to the dues I pay for MMT?
All of these dues are indeed separate and are paid individually to support these unique organizations. MMT members receive discounted rates at MMT conferences and workshops only. MMT membership does not apply for discounts for regional or national events or conferences.

Is there a paper form that I can fill out and mail in?
Yes. You can print the 2023 MMT Membership Form and mail it to the MMT Treasurer.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Anna Roty, MMT Membership Chair, at

Thank you for being a member of the Michigan Music Therapists!

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